Fox News Just Aired The Most Insane Commercial For The ‘Trumpy Bear’ That You Must See To Believe

Fox News recently began airing a commercial for a 22-inch plush bear. This is no ordinary stuffed bear. This is a “fearless, super-plush American grizzly.” The bear is styled after none other than the president himself. The stuffed animal, “Trumpy Bear,” was originally released in July of last year.

After the ads were aired on Fox News, Trumpy Bear was given new life. The advertisement opens with, “The wind whispered through the forest: ’A storm is coming – I am the storm.” The commercial might appear to be a spoof but it is entirely real. The bear is available on Amazon, where shockingly, it has reviews, which means people have actually purchased it.

The Huffington Post attempted to call the company that makes the Trump Themed plush bear, Exceptional Products Inc, to ask about sales of Trumpy Bear. They were unavailable because they were “experiencing unusually high call volume.”

One Twitter user aptly pointed out, “What idiot decided to call it Trumpy Bear instead of an I Really Don’t Carebear?”

It’s important to note that this super-Patriotic bear that is more patriotic than any other bear has a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY and its ULTRA COZY FLAG THEMED BLANKET only has 33 stars on it.

Twitter is having a field day:



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