Fox News Just Released A Pure Propaganda Video Featuring Eric Trump and His Winery

Fox Nation is the new streaming opinion offshoot of Fox News, and they are scheduled to feature a new series called The First Family. A recent trailer for the series runs less like a documentary look at the presidential family, and more like a propaganda infomercial for the president’s son.

Fox’s website describes the series as a “beyond the headlines” dive into the Trump family. The description says that The First Family is “A glimpse into what it is like taking over the Trump Organization, balancing their own home lives, yet also dealing with the spotlight of their father being the President of the United States.” It continues, “Along with the behind the scenes access, personal interviews reveal stories and emotions you won’t see or hear anywhere else.”

In the trailer, Maria Bartiromo talks with the president’s second eldest son, Eric. The video looks like the type of propaganda one might find in North Korea, mixed with an infomercial about Eric Trump’s winery. The clip is set to a soundtrack that highlights the first son’s sales pitch.

Before the infomercial begins, Eric Trump remembers his childhood fondly. He says, “I played with Legos on this floor.” Then the music picks up and the view changes. Audiences see images of rolling grassy areas, Eric Trump’s winery.

Eric Trump then starts selling his product. He says, “We have the largest winery on the East Coast of the United States, largest winery east of the Mississippi in Charlottesville, VA.” Eric continues, bringing his father’s politics into his own business pitch. He says, “It is truly one of the most beautiful properties anywhere in the world. Am I allowed to be cheesy and say we made it great again?”

Eric Trump tweeted the teaser writing, “I am excited to share an exclusive sneak-peek at my interview with @MariaBartiromo on @FoxNation’s ‘The First Family’. Catch the full interview on @FoxNation soon! @FoxNews”


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