Jimmy Kimmel Tricks Trump Supporters Into Believing Trump Is Giving Statue of Liberty Back to France

Jimmy Kimmel had some fun at the expense of the tense relationship between Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron on his ABC late-night show on Tuesday night.

During Trump’s recent visit to Europe, Macron gave a not-so-subtle rebuke of the president’s recent embrace of nationalism, calling it a “betrayal of patriotism.”

Kimmel slammed Trump for “waging a Twitter war with France” and mocking their performance in World War I and World War II.

“Who better to mock a country’s war record than the guy who dodged the draft because of bone spurs while playing on the basketball team?” Kimmel asked.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host then told his audience that amid the feud between Trump and Macron, he had tricked people on the street into thinking that the president was giving back the Statue of Liberty to France, which was given as a gift to the United States in 1886.

A Kimmel producer told a man on the street that the reason why Trump was giving back the Statue of Liberty was because he “doesn’t like the message it sends about tired and poor immigrants.”

“I voted for Trump [and] I think that’s a pretty low statement on his part,” the man reacted.

Two female supporters of Trump revealed they liked the idea.

“Whatever he says, I think it’s great,” the woman told the producer, with her companion adding she thinks it’s a “good idea.”

Another person pointed out that it would “take forever” to take it back to France because of how “big it is.”

“I don’t see the point of investing in a pointless transfer,” the young man said.

When asked how French President “Gerard Depardieu” should respond, one woman pleaded to him that he shouldn’t accept the Statue of Liberty back.

Trump’s supporters, however, had a different message.

“President Gerard Depardieu, we’re glad we finally have a president with some balls,” she told the fictitious world leader, who is really a famous French actor.



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