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Melania Tweeted About Brett Kavanaugh’s ‘Honor’ And Was Immediately Destroyed On Twitter

On Thursday, the newest member of the Supreme Court, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, was ceremonially sworn in. Both President Trump and first lady Melania Trump [1] attended the ceremony. After the ceremony, the first lady wrote a tweet that has received significant attention and criticism.

Melania tweeted her congratulations to Justice Kavanaugh writing, “Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh. I know you will continue to serve our country with honor.”

Of course, Justice Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault by three women. The first of the three accusers, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. During that testimony, Dr. Ford detailed the assault perpetrated against her, she says by Kavanaugh, while the two were in high school.

First lady Melania Trump is an intensely private first lady. She does not often comment on current political debates. While she regularly chooses to stay out of the political conversation, in early October, while on her first solo trip abroad, Melania discussed sexual assault allegations generally, insisting victims have “really hard evidence.”

During the ABC interview [4], Melania said, “If you accuse (someone) of something, show the evidence.” She also said, “I support the women and they need to be heard,” adding, “We need to support them and, you know, also men, not just women.”

Twitter was furious: