Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says CNN Should Replace Jim Acosta In Bizarre Interview With…Her Father

Sarah Huckabee Sanders took another shot at CNN’s Jim Acosta on Friday night in an interview on Hannity with…her father Mike Huckabee. Talk about objectivity!

The White House Press Secretary’s father began the interview by asking her about the protocol for decorum being worked on after the judge’s ruling in Acosta’s favor today.

Sanders said the White House supports a free press, but added that “freedom of the press doesn’t mean freedom to be disruptive, freedom to be rude, freedom to interrupt.”

She claimed that they sent CNN a letter Friday laying out “what we think were some of the missteps that their reporter made at the press conference… and we expect to see a response from that.”

In an interview on Friday, Donald Trump himself said, after the ruling, if Acosta “misbehaves” they’ll throw him out again. And Sanders said they don’t want reporters to be “disruptive” and impede anyone’s ability to do their jobs.

When her father asked her about the protocol put in place, Sanders said there are “standard practices” they want addressed, and that “the very basic minimum is that if certain reporters like Jim Acosta can’t be adults, then CNN needs to send somebody in there who can be.”

Trump called Acosta “a terrible person” and said CNN should be “ashamed” for allowing the reporter to work with the network during the contentious Nov. 7 press conference, where Acosta held on to the microphone to keep asking Trump questions after a White House intern attempted to take it away.

Acosta later applauded the ruling on Friday and thanked reporters and press organizations for their support leading up to the decision.

“Let’s go back to work,” he said.

Acosta was promoted to chief White House correspondent in January. Since then, he has been one of the network’s most visible figures outside the network, appearing on late night programs such as “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on CBS, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC and the fictional political drama “House of Cards” on Netflix.



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