Trump Berated British PM Theresa May So Badly That She Was Left Shaken

President Trump has managed to undermine the United States’ relationship with some of the nation’s closest and oldest allies. His practice of attacking Ameria’s friends was on full display aboard Air Force one Friday. On Friday, while flying to France, the president reportedly berated British Prime Minister Theresa May, over the phone.

The Washington Post reported that Prime Minister May called the president during his trip to Paris. May intended the call to be congratulatory, commending the president for the Republicans’ performance in last week’s midterm elections. That is when President Trump chose to rip into May, attacking her for a variety of woes.

The president reportedly went after May for not being hard enough on Iran. May has continued to hold that Iran is fulfilling their end of the international agreement reached under President Obama. Trump withdrew from that agreement and reimposed sanctions on Iran.

Trump also interrogated May about how she is handling Brexit also complained about the United States’ trade relationship with Europe. This is not the first time the president berated May. Earlier this year, the president visited the United Kingdom. While Trump dined with May, a British tabloid published an interview with Trump in which he harshly criticized the British Prime Minister.

Both European and United States officials who were briefed on the conversation said that May and British aides were particularly taken aback by the call with President Trump. Aides were taken aback by the president’s unpleasant mood and harsh tone, and May was reportedly left “shaken.”

May and her cabinet are scheduled to meet on Wednesday. In Wednesday’s meeting, Prime Minister May and her cabinet will talk about details surrounding the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union.

For the president, the call with May was only the beginning of a tumultuous European trip which saw him criticized for his populism by French President Emmanuel Macron and mocked by the French Army for skipping a ceremony commemorating fallen veterans because of rain.


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