Trump-Loving Evangelical Pat Robertson Blames John McCain For Republicans Losing The House

Evangelical leader Pat Robertson whined about the Republicans devastating losses in last week’s midterm election on Tuesday. He angrily complained about the reality that the Democrats gained about 40 seats in the House. He did not rage for long before he found someone to blame for the GOP losses.

Who’s fault is it that the GOP lost the house? According to Roberts, it is John McCain’s fault. That’s right, the recently deceased Republican Senator and war hero is to blame. On Tuesday, Roberts began his show The 700 Club by attacking the election results and blaming McCain.

He said, “We want to take a look at that election because I think it’s important. when we look at the ultimate result, it looks as if the Republicans are going to lose 40 seats in the House of Representatives. it looks like they may win one extra seat in the Senate, possibly two – if Bill Nelson goes down but that will be it.”

Robertson then asked what the driving issue was in the midterms. He realized it was not the issue the president pointed to create frenzy ahead of the election. It was not the migrant “caravan,” it was not even economic growth or the Republican tax cuts. The driving issue was healthcare.

Pointing to healthcare, Robertson then turned his fury toward McCain. He said,

“the House of Representatives had a tremendous bill all passed and certainly they had provisions for pre-existing illness – they had everything ready. Well, it came before the Senate and there was one vote, maybe we have a picture of that (John McCain) one vote and here he is right now. Sen. John McCain of Arizona stood before the Senate and he was the deciding vote and he turned his hand down and he killed that measure, that one vote took it out of the Senate and then they dropped it…”

Roberts continued, “They didn’t return to it and what did Democrats use as an issue? They used healthcare, healthcare, healthcare and in the process they took down 40, that’s a total when it’s finally — very distinguished Congressman have been serving with distinction for a number of years. They took them all out and they only won one extra seat in the Senate unless the Rick Scott thing turns out…other than that it was a disaster.”


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