Trump Too Embarrassed To Face World Leaders So He Sent Mike Pence To Asia Summit In His Place

In the lead up to last week’s midterm elections, the president campaigned aggressively for Republicans nationwide. He traveled across the country, appearing in rallies for candidates. He riled up his base, inciting fear and spreading lies.

Then, the election happened and Republicans lost, in impactful ways. The Democrats gained control of The House of Representatives and many state governorships. The Republicans maintained control of the Senate, but Democrats managed to flip key seats.

In the wake of their monumental losses, the president who was so vocal and public ahead of the election has gone into hiding since the losses. He has tapped the vice president to take over his presidential duties while he mopes.

According to the LA Times, the president “has retreated into a cocoon of bitterness and resentment, according to multiple administration sources.” An official told the Times, speaking of President Trump, “He’s furious.” The official added, “Most staffers are trying to avoid him.”

While the president fumes and sulks, the Vice President has taken the lead on fulfilling his presidential duties. Trump sent Pence to speak at Arlington National Cemetary on Veteran’s Day. He also canceled a significant International World War I memorial in France, insulting the international community and the soldiers who gave their lives in defense of the nation.

Pence will also represent the United States at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in President Trump’s place. The move is widely seen as insulting to the Asian nations Pence will be meeting with at the summit.

Matthew P. Goodman served as the coordinator for Asia-Pacific strategy under both former Presidents Obama and Bush. He explained how the move is an insult. He said, “It matters more in Asia than other regions because ‘face’ is so important.” He continued, ”Your willingness to go out there is a sign you’re committed and not going is a sign you’re not.”


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