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WATCH: Delusional Trump Supporter Claims That George Soros Controls All Voting Machines So She Votes By Mail

Right-wing conspiracy theories are nothing new. While conspiracy theories have always existed, they have increasing reach in today’s political climate. On Wednesday, a Florida Republican voter made an outlandish accusation, claiming that Democratic billionaire donor and George Soros controls “all” of the voting machines [1] in the state. The Republican voter said that she chose to vote early to protect her vote because voting machines are “corrupt” and controlled by Soros.

Catherine, a Republican who was in attendance at a Trump campaign event, spoke to MSNBC’s Ali Vitali. She began by expressing her devotion to President Trump. She said, “First of all, I’m a Republican and I follow Donald Trump.” She continued her confession of loyalty, “And I believe in all of his values. And I believe in his foresight for the United States of America. And I’m hoping to keep the Republican Party strong so that we can continue on to 2020.”

Then Catherine said that Soros has made all voting machine voting “corrupt.” She said, “And also I want to say, I did paper voting because I don’t trust George Soros.” She went on to explain, “who has funded all of these voting machines. I believe them to be corrupt. And so I feel more confident with the paper vote, which was already done.”

After Catherine made her entirely baseless accusation, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell corrected her false claim. Mitchell said, “Of course, that woman is misinformed because the fact is that the state machines are all run by Rick Scott, the governor, and some state officials.” She continued clarifying, “And George Soros has absolutely nothing to do with it.” Florida Governor Rick Scott is currently in the midst of a tight race for the Senate against Democrat Bill Nelson.