WATCH: Kansas Official Tells Black Woman He’s Part of The Master Race, ‘And Don’t Ever Forget That’

Louis Kemp is a Leavenworth County commissioner in Kansas. On Tuesday, during a typical public hearing before the commission, Kemp told a black woman that he is part of the “master race.” Kemp is a white man and the comment appeared to be directed to a black woman who was before the commission representing an architecture firm.

During the meeting, Kemp said, “I don’t want you to feel like I’m picking on you. Because we are part of the master race.” He continued, “You have a gap in your teeth you’re the master race, don’t ever forget that.”

Kemp is reportedly due to leave his position on January 15, next year. Kemp was not elected to the post. He was appointed to serve on the commission by Republicans when another commissioner had to leave as a result of poor health.

Another Leavenworth County commissioner, Bob Holland, told local news that Kemp needs to apologize for his comment. A day after the hearing, Holland said, “What’s this master race?” He went on, “None of us are a master race. We are all Americans, we are all human beings. I think he is a racist. I do. I think he owes an apology to that woman. I think he owes an apology to the whole commission. And the county.”

Kemp claimed to have made the comment as a joke. Holland was unimpressed saying, “I’m ashamed of one of our commissioners and what he has done. We shouldn’t be labeled as Leavenworth County, the racist county. That’s the way I feel we are being labeled.”

Kemp came under scrutiny last year when during comments made during a commission meeting Kemp made comments about Robert E. Lee and George Washington. He said, “Not everybody does them all because we have Robert E. Lee…Oh God, Robert E. Lee, wonderful part of history.” He went on saying that his great great grandfather was a slave owner and that George Washington would not receive a holiday because he too owned slaves.



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