Watch Kellyanne Conway Get Blindsided When She Learns The WH Is Banning Jim Acosta Again

On Monday, Kellyanne Conway was interviewed by Fox News’ Bill Hemmer on America’s Newsroom. Hemmer asked Conway about the back and forth banning of CNN reporter Jim Acosta. Acosta’s press pass was revoked after a heated exchange with the president immediately after the midterm elections.

CNN sued the Trump administration over the revocation. A federal judge ruled that Acosta’s press pass must be reinstated. Sunday night, news broke that the White House will once again revoke Acosta’s press pass as soon as the 12-day temporary injunction issued by the judge in CNN’s lawsuit expires.

During the interview with Hemmer, Conway said that she did not know anything about the plan to revoke Acosta’s pass again. Conway and Hemmer discussed the fact that the White House is developing rules of conduct for the White House press briefing room. The fact that rules are being developed was confirmed by the attorney who represented CNN and Acosta in court.

Conway said “that reporter” wasn’t there, “the particular outlet in question” continued to have access to be “fairly anti-Trump.”  Hemmer then said,  “Is that reporter allowed back in the White House? Because I was given a note about an hour ago that the White House has made a quote preliminary decision to suspend the hard pass for Jim Acosta yet again.” He added, “Are you fighting this?”

Conway said, “I am not aware of that.” She added, “I am not aware of anything happening in the last hour. I will have to talk to the press shop about that.” Hemmer then asked, “Is he allowed access to the White House today?”

Conway responded, “I do not know, I do not know that answer.” Conway continued, “I got someone from the press shop standing right here, I do not know that answer.” Conway attempted to change the subject, focusing on an angry response to the coverage of the revocation.



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