White House Put ‘Policy Time’ On Trump’s Schedule Hoping It Would Force Him To Work

It is well known that the President spends a good part of his time in the White House watching Fox News and rage tweeting about his political foes. Politico recently saw President Trump’s private schedule for Tuesday last week. The schedule showed that the president had 9 hours of free time scheduled in his day.

In order to get the president to focus on work, the White House has devised a new strategy. In his schedule, the White House has scheduled “policy time” for the president. That titled block of time mirrors the president’s “executive time” written into his schedule. “Executive Time” is code for presidential free time, usually consisting of angry tweeting and Fox News viewing.

According to White House reporter for Politico, Annie Karni, the president’s schedule yesterday featured the addition of “policy time.” She tweeted writing, “A new thing on Trump’s private schedule that I haven’t seen before: in addition to some ‘executive time’ today, he has two blocks of ‘policy time.'”

According to Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey, White House chief of staff John Kelly instituted policy time in an effort to get the president to do his job. He also noted that the practice can be more or less effective. Dawsey tweeted after Karni’s tweet writing, “It was installed earlier this year to help him focus on issues. A Kelly creation. It sometimes goes better than others.”

Dawsey tweeted a link to a Washington Post report that explained “policy time” consists of various advisers giving the president their “competing views over a specific issue.” The Politico report last month, detailing the president’s extensive “executive time” also explained that White House chief of staff John Kelly created “executive time” in response to the president’s complaints that under former chief of staff Reince Priebus, he could not control his own life.


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