Iowa Farmers Who Voted For Trump Are Furious Over Trade War, ‘I’ll Never Vote for Him Again’

Floods, tornadoes, natural disasters, and tariffs: the new reality for some American farmers is leaving them with a bad feeling about the Trump presidency, and even their part in electing him, reported CNN on Wednesday.

On Sunday, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow admitted to Fox’s Chris Wallace that Americans will “suffer” as a result of the President’s trade war.

On Tuesday, Trump went on a Tweet rampage as negative reaction by the press and stock market to the new tariffs news, saying “our patriot farmers” will benefit from this.

But some of those very patriot farmers do not agree with him, and are, as Kudlow admitted, suffering the consequences of the trade policy.

“This is survival at this point. I mean, for a lot of operations it is a survival thing,” said Robert Ewoldt, who is keeping his farm afloat with a second job as a truck driver.

“Across the midwest, farm incomes are down and bankruptcies are up,” said reporter Martin Savidge. “It’s not just tariffs, across the midwest and southeast, farmers are also reeling from disasters. Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, even fires. It’s been raining so much in Iowa farmers are nearly a month late getting into their fields, and every day they delay costs them more money.”

He interviewed farmers who said that Trump had “better hurry up and do something” in his negotiations with China and that they have regrets about having voted for Trump in 2016. One of those farmers, Iowan Larry Angler, said his family stands to lose up to $150,000 this year.

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“Did you vote for Trump?” asked Savidge.

“I did,” said Angler. “I’ll never vote for him again.”



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