Trump Says Elizabeth Warren is an ‘Angry Person,”She’s Got a Lot of Pent-Up Anger’

Donald Trump took time out from an address to a real estate conference Friday to ridicule Sen. Elizabeth Warren, first criticizing her role in financial regulation then mocking her campaign.

“She’s got a lot of pent-up anger,” he said. “She’s an angry person.”

Trump made the aside as he told the National Association of Realtors conference how his administration had rolled back regulations that hampered lending and investment.

“Pocahontas had an agency that was … I mean she was a disaster,” he said, using his favored epithet for the senator and Democratic presidential contender. “She enjoyed destroying these local lenders.”

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was established in 2011 based on a recommendation by Warren, then a Harvard Law School professor, for an agency to enforce rules for financial institutions after the collapse of 2007.

Trump went on to scoff at her campaign for the Democratic nomination, which sees her polling a distant third behind Joe Biden: “She’s doing really well so far, isn’t she?”

Then he referred back to her launch event in Massachusetts when she was seen yanking a young boy by his coat sleeve to appear in a photograph.

“She wanted the child brought in front of her,” he said, making a grabbing motion with his arms and launching a riff about her being an angry woman. “Wow, that kid moved quickly.”



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