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Melania Trump Facing Backlash For Disrespectful Faux Pas During D-Day Commemoration

Melania Trump faced backlash online today for wearing sunglasses during a D-Day commemoration in France.

The 49-year-old first lady flew to Normandy on Thursday with husband Donald Trump to pay respects to U.S. veterans of D-Day, and was seen wearing a tailored mid-length black coat, matching black heels, and a pair of black sunglasses for the somber occasion.

Images of FLOTUS in her black-framed shades, however, has inspired some Twitter users to criticize her for being “disrespectful,” charging that it was “rude” of her to fail to to remove her sunglasses at the event.

Some Twitter users have said that it was “inappropriate” for Melania to keep the sunglasses on during the commencement.

Other have branded her “rude” for doing so, with one Twitter user writing: “Melania wearing sunglasses. Not appropriate at these ceremonies. #MobsterWhiteHouse.”

Another wrote: “Why is Melania wearing sunglasses? It’s always about her looks. How disrespectful. The woman just has no class.”

“Melania not bothering taking off the the sunglasses again for the National Anthem. May as well drag a double around. Nobody could know the difference,” a third Twitter user said.

Meanwhile, others stated that the First Lady’s decision to keep her glasses on during the ceremony made it look like she was at a different kind of event.

“Melania thinks she’s at Cannes with those sunglasses,” one user said, while another added: “Take off you Jackie O sunglasses at Normandy. Be respectful as you are not at a fashion show.”

Another noted the fact that the first lady of France Brigitte Macron wasn’t wearing sunglasses.

She said: “Why did Melania Trump not remove her sunglasses at this most solemn D day ceremony? How disrespectful! Mrs Macron wasn’t wearing sunglasses.

“I guess she is uncomfortable making eye contact. She thinks she is sitting on the French Riviera sipping champagne!!” she added.

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