Trump Admits to Holding Up D-Day Ceremony For Interview But Says He Doesn’t Care

Donald Trump revealed to Fox News host Laura Ingraham that he held up the start of a D-Day ceremony for their interview that aired Thursday night.

Mid-interview, just after lauding American farmers facing economic hardship due to tariffs, the president turned to praise the veterans assembled nearby. “Listen to those incredible people back there….these people are so amazing,” he said, then adding “and what they don’t realize is that I’m holding them up because of this interview but that’s because it’s you.”

He then finished with “Congratulations on your ratings, I’m very proud of you.”

After the segment ended, however, Ingraham shot down reports that Trump delayed the start, despite the president saying it himself.

Initial reports from Normandy suggested that the start of the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day was delayed due to the Fox News interview, but it was later revealed that French President Emanuel Macron was also running late — actually later — and the delayed start was ultimately due to his late arrival.

Was Trump just joking? Possible. Was he aware that Macron was also running late? Who knows?

It seems more likely that Trump was demonstrating his power and respect to the Fox News host — and her ratings — with the claim of “holding up” the start of a somber reflection on those who sacrificed their lives on the beaches of Normandy.

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Critics will certainly note that sitting down with a Fox News host for an interview in which he threw barbs at his political rivals appears to have been a higher priority for Trump than respecting the fallen heroes from 75 tears ago.



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