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Trump Freaks Out on Twitter As John Dean Begins His House Testimony, ‘I Can’t Believe This!’

John Dean, former Nixon White House counsel and key Watergate figure, spoke at today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing and again drew comparisons between Donald Trump and Richard Nixon.

Dean acknowledged that he’s not testifying as a fact witness, but as someone equipped to provide “a little historical perspective on the Mueller report.”

He said in many ways the Mueller report “is to President Trump what the so-called Watergate roadmap… is to Richard Nixon,” adding that Mueller clearly “provided this committee with a roadmap.”

Dean went through one of the several parallels he’s found between Trump and Nixon––the issue of influencing witnesses with potential pardons.

He concluded by saying that he hopes former White House counsel Don McGahn becomes a “key witness” before the committee, saying he represents the office of the president, not President Trump himself.

Before Dean spoke and Chairman Jerrold Nadler began the hearing, the president swiped at him again:

Twitter had some thoughts: