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Trump Gave Meghan McCain the Nickname ‘Donut’ and is Obsessed With Her Weight According to New Book

Donald Trump saw John McCain’s deadly brain tumor as a kind of twisted “personal validation”, Michael Wolff’s bombshell new book claims, and Trump also had some choice words for McCain’s daughter Meghan.

The president saw poetic justice in one of his biggest foes contracting cancer which would kill him in August of last year.

But that wasn’t enough for Trump who grew angry that McCain, a war hero who survived being tortured in Vietnam, “hung on” for 13 months.

After McCain died in August last year and his daughter Meghan sharply criticized the president, he became “obsessed” with her weight – and gave her the cruel nickname “donut”.

The eye-popping anecdote is one of many supposed examples of the hateful comments made by Trump, claims Wolff, whose previous book was the best-selling Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

In the sequel, Siege: Trump Under Fire, he says that everyone in Trump’s orbit was subjected to being mocked, even his then 12-year-old son Barron who he grumbled was growing too tall.

Trump allegedly called House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler a “fat little Jew” and said that federal prosecutors were like “colon cancer”.

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The president also supposedly claimed that ‘nobody cares’ when his wife, First Lady Melania Trump was suddenly taken to the hospital for what turned out to surgery for a kidney condition.

Trump’s most staggering criticism is leveled at the McCain family with whom the president has had a long running feud that began when he mocked McCain for being captured during the Vietnam War during the 2016 election.

McCain became the Senator that Trump hated the most when he voted against his repeal of Obamacare, sinking one of the President’s main policy goals.

According to Wolff when McCain made his tumor diagnosis public in July 2017 Trump said: “You see? You see what can happen” – then he would “mime an exploding head”.

As McCain’s illness progressed, Trump moaned that he was not a “good enough sport” to quit his Senate seat and let one of his allies take it over.

After McCain’s death, Trump’s hatred for him found an outlet in his daughter, who is a regular panelist on The View.

Trump said: “When she hears my name she always looks like she’s going to cry. Like her father. Very, very tough family. Boo hoo, boo hoo”.


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