Trump Just Tweeted Insane Self-Praising Video from Japan Proving Just How Childish He Is

Donald Trump is not afraid to use trolling tactics to appeal to his base of supporters, even if critics may call him out for it being sophomoric and/or immature.

And this video shows just how childish Trump can be.

As odd as it is to say, one of the commander in chief’s means to please his base is to tweet out comedic internet troll videos created by Twitter user “CarpeDonkum,” which he did Thursday morning in mockery of MSNBC’s technical difficulties in Wednesday night’s first Democratic primary debate.

This video opens with the moment in which audio issues revealed themselves, then fades to black with Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” included as a music bed. The black screen then resolves to a video of Trump emerging from a foggy haze from the 2016 Republican National Convention.

MSNBC suffered an audio glitch coming out of commercial, as it appeared that the mics previous moderators who had left the stage were picking up latent sound that was distracting to moderators Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow. To their credit, Todd and Maddow handled the production miscue with grace and humor as they went to another commercial break while audio issues were addressed.

Twitter was quick to respond:


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