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Trump ‘Liked’ a Tweet About How Rihanna Is A Queen And Everyone Is Confused Now

Donald Trump apparently had love on the brain during his latest late-night Twitter. Or at least “like.”

Yes, for the first time in almost two years, Trump (or whoever was running his personal account) pressed the “like” button.

Perhaps Trump can relate to the iconic popstar saying she likes to shut things down for a few days. “On my calendar we now have the infamous ‘P’, which means personal days,” she explained. “This is a new thing.”

The president, for his part, reportedly cherishes “Executive Time,” a big chunk of each day slotted into his schedule for some “me time” to watch TV, make phone calls and, of course, do his thing on Twitter.

Here’s the tweet (one of only eight ever) that got the presidential props:

Trump, who has shown a tendency over the years to hold grudges, still managed to give the social-media nod to the “Umbrella” singer, even after she told him to late last year stop playing her music at his “tragic rallies [3].”

But Trump clearly DOES hold a grudge against his White House predecessor. Just minutes before his Rihanna “like,” in a more familiar use of his Twitter trigger finger, the president quoted his favorite network: