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Melania And Barron Trump Allegedly Living In Maryland With Melania’s Parents

An unconfirmed tweet by popular Twitter user Roland Scahill about First Lady Melania Trump and Barron Trump is getting plenty of attention on social media.

And if true, it would mean the White House is again lying to the American public.

As seen in the tweet below, which was published to Twitter on Sunday, Roland claimed that Melania and Barron do not live in the White House.

Scahill tweeted, “Can we finally stop making believe that Melania and Baron live in the White House?”

According to Cheat Sheet [2], Barron attends school at St. Andrews Episcopal School. The location of the school in Potomac is only a 30-minute drive from the White House, as reported by Newsweek [3].

Thus far, an advanced Twitter search for “Melania” for tweets published within 15 miles of Potomac have not resulted in any photos of Melania or Barron with his grandparents. Unconfirmed tweets claim that Melania spends most of her time in Potomac, where Barron allegedly lives near his school with Melania’s mother and father.

Twitter also questions why Barron is never seen: