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SHOCKING: Did Trump Just Flash the ‘White Power’ Hand Sign While Discussing Congresswomen of Color?

Okay, take a look at this.

This morning during his speech at Turning Point USA’s Teen Student Action Summit (a far-right group) Donald Trump made a curious hand signal that has a bunch of people asking some serious questions.

After a bizarre, nearly 10-minute-long intro video that boasted of Trump’s Major League Baseball prospects and his popularity in high school, the president kicked things off by urging the crowd to “have some fun” before immediately launching into a renewed attack on Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, whom he called a “total lunatic” and “not a sane person.”

While talking about the “squad”, or as Trump called them, “AOC plus 3,” Trump made the “OK” hand signal that is often seen as a sign of white supremacy.

Take a look:

Twitter had some thoughts: