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Trump Just Said He Has Really ‘Good Taste’ When It Comes to Ex-Friend Jeffrey Epstein

Donald Trump reiterated to press assembled on the White House lawn that he “is not a fan of Jeffrey Epstein” Friday morning and encouraged the assembled reporters to “find out the people that went to the island” mansion owned by the recently alleged sex trafficker.

The press spray opened with a joint announcement of the resignation of embattled Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who oversaw the controversial plea deal struck by Acosta when he served as US Attorney in Miami during the 2008 Epstein case.

Trump said “I was not a fan of Jeffrey Epstein” before noting that he “threw him out” of his private Palm Beach club Mar-a-Lago.

He also said that the fact that he threw Epstein out was proof that Trump has “good taste.”

Never mind the fact that Trump has said in the past that Epstein was a “terrific person” who likes beautiful woman as much as Trump does.

He then brought up Epstein’s notorious island mansion, where he was rumored to have thrown wild parties, some of which may have included underaged girls which are at the root of the Southern District of New York’s recent sex trafficking allegations.

“Now, other people, they went all over with him, they went to his island and all over the place,” the president said, adding “He was very well known in Palm Beach and his island, whatever his island was, wherever it is, I was never there. Find out the people that went to the island.”