Trump Says All World Leaders Absolutely Adore Ivanka So We Should Leave Her Alone

Donald Trump defended his daughter Ivanka Trump‘s role at the G-20 to reporters on Friday.

“Ivanka was amazing at the G-20,” he said. “Foreign leaders loved her, they think she’s great.”

He said that his daughter and her husband had sacrificed a lot to play a major role in his administration, citing her work in business.

“Ivanka has worked on almost 10 million jobs, training, going to companies and getting them to hire people,” he said. “The people, the foreign leaders, really like her a lot.”

Last week, a video of Ivanka appearing to insert herself into a conversation with Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May, Justin Trudeau, and head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde took Twitter by storm.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asked why the administration couldn’t have sent a “qualified diplomat.”

Rep. Jackie Speier asked Republicans how they would have reacted if President Barack Obama had sent his experience-less daughters to an economic summit of world leaders.

In the Japan summit, Ivanka was also in talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe. She was at the Demilitarized Zone when her father had a spur-of-the-moment meet-up with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.



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