Donald Trump Jr. Shares Incredibly Offensive Meme and Social Media Has Questions

There is nothing that Donald Trump Jr. loves more than sharing a good old meme about his dear old daddy.

Although the memes are sometimes incorrect and sometimes completely inappropriate, the 41-year-old continues to share them like a 16-year-old kid on 4Chan.

Junior took to Instagram to post this meme, which is a composite of a painting of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and a little Joe Biden just because.

Don Jr. wrote, “Enjoy! 🤣🤣🤣”


Another recent meme that has taken Trump Jr’s fancy is a hip-hop song about the president of the United States, which unlike YG’s classic 2016 tune “F*ck Donald Trump” is actually pro-Trump.

Apparently Junior thinks his orange father is the most hip-hop president ever. LMAO.

The song comes from a pro-Trump account called @LegendayEnergy and was posted in reply to a Trump tweet about the prime minister of Sweden, Stefan Lofven.

Once Trump Jr ‘liked’ the tweet it was picked up by the @TrumpAlerts account, which is a bot that monitors every account and every tweet that members of the Trump family or his administration interact with.

Once people noticed this, the response were that of despair and a growing sense of all hope fading away, take a look:


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