Fox News Host is Sad After Actor Shia LeBeouf Calls Him ‘Trash’ While at Airport

One of Fox News’ televised blabbering heads has made a point to inform the world that Shia LaBeouf, understandably, called him “trash” during a recent chance encounter at a Delta Sky Lounge.

On Fox News Tuesday night, during a segment on CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s spat with a heckler at a Long Island bar, Watters revealed his encounter with the Hole star.

“The other day I was at a lounge, the Delta Sky situation, trying to take off for a flight with my family and the actor Shia LaBeouf or whatever his name is—I think it was him, it looked exactly like him—I walk by and he calls me ‘trash’ right in front of my kids,” Watters said. “You know, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t lose it.”

And as expected, Twitter wasn’t feeling very bad for Watters:



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