Seth Meyers Delivers Heartbreaking Monologue on Gun Violence, ‘F**king Do Something!’

After two deadly mass shootings took place in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, less than 24 hours apart over the weekend, late-night host Seth Meyers dedicated his Monday night monologues to urge Congress to do more in making changes to gun laws.

On Late Night, Meyers took “A Closer Look” at the recent mass shootings, describing the past weekend as “heartbreaking.”

“This was a heartbreaking weekend of unspeakable tragedy and yet one that disturbingly feels all too familiar,” he began saying.

He went on to explain that the shootings weren’t all “just about guns,” but rather a result of “domestic terrorism” and “white supremacist.”

“This is a moment that demands moral clarity and urgency from our political leaders,” he urged.

Later on, Meyers pointed out that there’s a “clear correlation” between the numbers of guns in this country and the number of gun-related deaths in the U.S. While an evident issue, Meyers found it telling that Republican leaders seem to dodge questions related to the shootings or gun laws. “When you’re spending all your time dodging questions from journalists and reporters, that usually means you’re on the wrong side of history.”

“You’re not going to get all of the answers if you refuse to ask any of the questions,” he said. Meyers then argued that Republicans treat the shootings as an “unsolvable problem.” After House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy mentioned that video games could be the trigger for shootings, Meyers fought back.

“You’re blaming video games? You do know that other countries have video games too right? Japan has a huge gaming culture and very few gun deaths,” he said. “If video games were so influential, they should make one about Congress called ‘F-king Do Something.’ ”

He finished his “Closer Look” with a closing statement that urged Congress to make a difference. “This was a horrific weekend of tragedy and heartbreak that no one should ever have to bear; All decent people everywhere should set themselves to the task of stopping this and expressing solidarity with and support for the oppressed, marginalized communities targeted by this hatred and violence and as for our political leaders, the ones who are supposed to be protecting us always say, they need to get their shit together.”



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