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Trump Supporter Says Obama Resigned in 2016 Because He Knew He’d Lose to Trump

A meme has been spreading around Facebook and Twitter that shows a man, purportedly a Trump supporter, claiming that former President Barack Obama resigned in 2016 because he knew he would lose to Donald Trump.

I know, we are laughing too.

Here is the tweet that started it all:

A user named Tyler said, “Obama was too scared to run against trump because he knew trump would destroy him. That’s why Obama retired.”

Of course, we know that is not true. Obama served two terms as president, and the 22nd Amendment states that two terms is the maximum.

So Obama couldn’t have ran again, even if he wanted to. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ran against Trump, and sadly, lost. (Although still won the popular vote.)

Tyler then doubled down:

Now, is Tyler a troll? An idiot? We don’t really know.

But Twitter sure had some fun with him: