Donald Trump, Jr. Says You Must Vote For His Dad or the U.S. Will Become a Laughing Stock

Donald Trump, Jr. warned the country in an op-ed that a Democratic president would end the country as we know it.

The president’s eldest son took to Fox News with an op-ed ahead of his father’s campaign kickoff earlier this summer to warn the country that it risks becoming a socialist laughing stock if President Donald Trump does not win a second term.

A laughing stock he said!

Trump Jr. says the U.S. will become a feminazi socialist hellhole brimming with immigrants in which you can’t even use the n-word 11 times in a shared Google doc or march through the streets flashing white power signs without people getting all sensitive about it.

Donald Trump, Jr. insisted that a Democratic win in 2020 would lead to open borders, where the U.S. “is ‘native land’ and we have no right to control entry into it.”

Further, those on the left “not only seek to subvert America’s borders but also actively [encourage] the subversion of the American economy, the American family, and even the American constitution itself,” according to the president’s son.

“They will do their utmost to usher in a socialist era, antithetical to our founding documents, in which the state rations health care and forcibly redistributes wealth in the name of ‘fairness,’” Trump, Jr. said.

His father would go on to employ similar fearmongering during his rally in Orlando, Florida, where President Trump also promised to cure cancer, AIDS, and many other diseases.

Obviously, none of this is true. And the U.S. is already a laughing stock, and that’s 100% due to Donald J. Trump.


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