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SHOCK OP-ED: George Conway Says That Trump Has Committed ‘The Ultimate Impeachable Act’

George Conway has co-authored a new op-ed in the Washington Post tonight with former acting solicitor general Neal Katyal warning that if the reporting about Donald Trump‘s call with the president of Ukraine is accurate, “it would be the ultimate impeachable act.”

Conway — husband to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway — and Katyal penned an op-ed months ago arguing that Congress could begin impeachment proceedings.

They write tonight Trump has done plenty to warrant impeachment, but this call is on another level, especially if there was an implicit quid pro quo:

It appears that the president might have used his official powers — in particular, perhaps the threat of withholding a quarter-billion dollars in military aid — to leverage a foreign government into helping him defeat a potential political opponent in the United States.

If Trump did that, it would be the ultimate impeachable act.

They call on Congress to act, particularly on the matter of “abusing presidential authority for personal benefit,” while excoriating them for “congressional procrastination” that has “probably emboldened Trump.”

“It is high time for Congress to do its duty, in the manner the framers intended,” Conway and Katyal write.

It appears Conway decided to skip Friday night’s state dinner at the White House, as wife Kellyanne showed up alone:


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