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Trump Tweets AGAIN Insisting That He Was Correct About Hurricane Dorian Hitting Alabama

Donald Trump is still insisting that Alabama could have been hit by Hurricane Dorian — despite government meteorologists saying otherwise.

The president displayed a map seemingly altered with a Sharpie during a briefing Wednesday that showed the storm threatening the state.

Even though the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center said there was no potential threat to Alabama, the president doubled down on his claim in several tweets Thursday morning.

“Alabama was going to be hit or grazed, and then Hurricane Dorian took a different path (up along the East Coast). The Fake News knows this very well. That’s why they’re the Fake News!” Trump tweeted. “What I said was accurate! All Fake News in order to demean!” he said in another tweet.

To back up his claim, he posted a map Wednesday of possible storm tracks that the South Florida Water Management District had put out on a week earlier, on August 28.

That map included cautionary language at the bottom specifying that it should not replace National Hurricane Center advisories. Of the 45 advisories issued so far by the National Hurricane Center giving probabilities for tropical storm and hurricane force winds, none have included Alabama.

It’s positively insane that Trump won’t just accept the loss and admit his mistake.

But if there is one good thing to come out of Sharpie-gate, it’s the memes.

Take a look: