Trump Humiliates Himself in Rambling Thanksgiving Speech Where He Forgets Words and Sounds Like a Crazy Person

Donald Trump pardoned two Thanksgiving turkeys at the White House on Tuesday — giving a reprieve this year to a pair of birds named Bread and Butter — and attempted to inject some impeachment humor into the light-hearted proceedings.

“Thankfully, Bread and Butter have been specially raised … to remain calm under any condition, which will be very important, because they’ve already received subpoenas to appear in Adam Schiff’s basement on Thursday. True. Hundreds of people have,” the president said from the Rose Garden, referring to the Democratic House Intelligence Committee chair.

“It seems the Democrats are accusing me of being too soft on turkey, but Bread and Butter, I should note that unlike previous witnesses, you and I have actually met. It’s very unusual. Very unusual,” Trump continued before taking a shot at the media.

“In any event, I expect this pardon will be a very popular one with the media. After all, turkeys are closely related to vultures. I don’t know if I like that line, but there is a little truth to it.”

After receiving their presidential reprieve, the turkeys will retire to Gobbler’s Rest at Virginia Tech.

“They will be cared for and enjoy a terrific life,” Trump said, as first lady Melania Trump looked on.

The president then shared his Thanksgiving wishes with Americans.

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“This Thanksgiving, we bow our heads in gratitude for the newfound prosperity and spirit that’s taking place all across America. The country has never been more successful,” he added.

According to the White House, Bread is a 45-pound turkey who likes a cherry-flavored soft drink called Cheerwine, bluegrass music and college basketball.

Butter weighs 47 pounds and enjoys eating sweet potato fries, listening to bagpipes and watching NASCAR.

Later Tuesday, Trump will fly to Florida for a campaign rally, then spend Thanksgiving with his family Thursday at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

But what most people noticed was that Trump just didn’t make sense. His jokes weren’t funny, and he just wasn’t making any sense.

Take a look:


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