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Trump Just Said His Own Wife Melania Thought He Had a Heart Attack, ‘Darling Are You Ok?’

Donald Trump accused the media of crossing a line for speculating about his health after he made an unannounced visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, last weekend.

Trump said when he returned from the hospital on Saturday, his wife, first lady Melania Trump, asked about his health.

“I went for a physical, and I came back. My wife said, ‘Darling, are you OK? What’s wrong? Oh. They’re reporting you may have had a heart attack,’” Trump told reporters Tuesday.

“I said I was only there for a very short period of time. I went, did a very routine — just a piece of it, the rest of it takes place in January — did a very routine physical,” Trump said. “I get greeted with the news that: ‘We understand you had a heart attack.'”

Trump called the media “sick” for the speculation.

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White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said Saturday that Trump was beginning “portions of his routine annual physical exam.” Trump, 73, had his last yearly exam in February, which showed that he had gained weight since his 2018 checkup and was considered obese at 243 pounds.

Grisham said later Saturday that Trump had a “quick exam and labs.”

“The president remains healthy and energetic without complaints,” she said, adding that he also visited with Walter Reed staff, and met with the family of a special forces soldier injured in Afghanistan.

The timing of the physical, less than a year after his last checkup, and the unannounced visit to the hospital fueled questions about the validity of the White House’s explanation.

The White House sought to quell speculation about Trump’s health by issuing a memo from the president’s physician late Monday.

“Despite some of the speculation, the president has not had any chest pain, nor was he evaluated or treated for any urgent or acute issues,” said Sean Conley, the White House doctor, describing the matter as a “planned interim checkup as part of the regular, primary preventative care” the president receives.

“Specifically, he did not undergo any specialized cardiac or neurologic evaluations,” Conley said.



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