Gingrich Says It’s Mean to Impeach Trump Before Christmas (Gingrich Impeached Clinton 6 Days Before Xmas)

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich called out House Democrats for trying to impeach President Donald Trump “on the eve of Christmas” during an interview with Fox News, Friday.

“The whole thing is a joke,” declared Gingrich. “It is, frankly, very, very close to what Clarence Thomas once described as a modern-day lynch mob. The Democrats have no interest in the facts.”

“I think that Jonathan Turley, the professor who voted against Trump, but who nonetheless came back and testified the other day that of all the two impeachments that have occurred… Clinton and Johnson back in the 1860s, this is the weakest of the three,” Gingrich continued. “He said it is an embarrassment to the country, it lowers the prestige of the House, and that it’s the House which is abusing power. Now, Turley is a Democrat, but as an expert, I think he actually outlined exactly what we’re up against.”

“And really, on the eve of Christmas it is really sad to see the dishonesty and the partisanship that the House Democrats are displaying,” he concluded.

Though Gingrich was mocked online for claiming it was the “eve of Christmas,” former President Bill Clinton actually was impeached by the House on Dec. 19 1998, just days before Christmas.

As The New York Times reported the day after, on December 20 1998, “William Jefferson Clinton was impeached on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice today by a divided House of Representatives, which recommended virtually along party lines that the Senate remove the nation’s 42d President from office.”

Twitter had a field day:


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