Fox Guest: Virginia Gun Rally Culmination of MLK’s Dream

Offensive and stupid on so many levels.

There is not a lot to add here. Indeed, concentrating upon the topic too much could lead to nausea at best, unhealthy rage at worst.

Atonia Okafor Cover appeared on Fox News as guest who had participated in the Virginia gun rights rally. During the interview, Cover stated that the gun rally was the culmination of Martin Luther King’s dream. She stated that contrary to appearances, the rally was not a congregation of white supremacists. She stated that rally-goers judged one another by the content of their character. Presumably, the participants judge character on the basis of one’s belief in the primal right to arm oneself to the teeth, loading-up like special forces soldiers, as they run an errand in the minivan to Dollar Tree.

It should be noted that Atonia Okafor Cover is a black woman. It would have been interesting – though likely disastrous – had the rally included tens of thousands of young black men carrying high capacity, large caliber, assault rifles with the masked faces adorning many of the white men. We could have tested whether the content of that “character” won the day. Something tell me that the reception might have been different. Some character is only skin deep.

I wonder if anyone finds it relevant that Martin Luther King was gunned down by a white supremacist using a high powered rifle? Perhaps MLK would not be overjoyed by a gun rally attended primarily by right-wing white men who fit the type that most opposed MLK back in the sixties.

King did not earn his place as one of our nation’s greatest heroes by advocating the use of firepower in a display of intimidation. King did not use his 2nd Amendment rights to protect himself on his march to Selma. Indeed, King dreamed of a society that came together through non-violent protest.

I suppose the irony is lost on the Fox News crowd. On purpose.


Peace, y’all


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