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Look at the Disgusting Pig Sty Trump Supporters Left After His New Jersey Rally

Thousands of people took a chance on Tuesday to see Donald Trump speak in blue-state New Jersey, and come Wednesday morning, we were able to see the awful mess they left behind.

Trump’s rhetoric was a hot dish of economic success marinated in steaming cultural resentment. Democrats are deranged, the normal Trump stuff.

Suffice to say, the crowd loved what they heard. The thousands who had come to see the president were simultaneously elated and aggrieved, a potent combination for showing up at the polls on Election Day.

Oh, and they were not woke. Nor very clean.

On line and in the arena, there were Jersey farmers, folks decked in Eagles green and silver, suburban dads, bikers and Hasidic Jews. There were fewer younger voters but plenty of couples. The name “Trump” was emblazoned on anything and everything including camouflage colored gear, with images of guns all around.

Above all, respect for blue-collar America, honoring the flag, and “in God we trust” were recurring notes. Manufacturing, immigration and the Second Amendment weighed heavily. The crowd shouted U-S-A, “build the wall” and “four more years,” not “lock her up.”

Although Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, AOC and the Squad weren’t name-checked this time, Trump was not short of targets. The president blasted the press as “fake news,” and the packed room rained down with “boos” on the reporters, some of whom were slow to stand for the national anthem earlier in the evening, a fact noticed by the crowd.

In addition to the media, Trump shouted about Barack “Hussein” Obama, “Nancy” and “crazy” Bernie Sanders. He accused the Democrats of standing with “crime, corruption and chaos”, and argued that the GOP was the party of law and order, impeachment, the Trump Hotel, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone be damned.

And boy, did they leave a lot of trash.

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Not too concerned about the environment…these people.

Nor did they have much concern for the sanitation workers who have to clean up their mess.

Take a look: