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‘Susan Collins Is a Hypocrite’ Truck Blasting Around Capitol and People Are Loving It

If Senator Collins ever forgets exactly what words to go back upon, they will be televised outside.

Some good folks from Act Blue are doing Senator Susan Collins from Maine a huge favor. Senator Collins has had so many positions on so many occasions, that she may at any one point forget which position she must reverse to break a promise. With so much happening, Senator Collins could entirely by accident keep her promise to the people of Maine and the nation. Scandalous!

Hence, the “Susan Collins Is a Hypocrite” truck shall circle the Capitol, broadcasting her prior statements, and thereby reminding her how to most efficiently break from her previous position:

If you are searching for a charity to assist – and have already donated to this great website – I encourage you to support this wonderful humanitarian effort, please visit the ActBlue page here.

These are the types of things that make me proud to be a Democrat. There is no law requiring us to assist Senator Collins. Republicans would never show such support to affirm Nancy Pelosi’s consistency from the beginning. Yet in such serious times, with such serious consequences, we Democrats believe it important to have Susan Collins’ back.

It is tough being a woman in a party that disdains the idea of women taking jobs. What a wonderful way to support this woman to ensure she performs her Republican job to the best of her ability.

At any point, Senator Collins can send an aide out to the steps on of the Capitol, listen to the broadcast, write down the previous promise, and than hand it off to Collins so that the Senator can most accurately reverse her position 180 degrees, not 110 degrees, not 40 degrees, no chance, not with stakes this high.


Please do donate, Collins needs all the help we can give her, and the more we give, the more likely Collins will reverse herself on her promise to win reelection to the senate.


Peace, y’all


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