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Watch Callous Trump Downplay Solider Injuries: Possible Traumatic Brain Injury Is Not a ‘Severe Injury’

One of the most callous things Trump has said, and it is because he got caught in a lie.

This morning in Davos, reporters asked Trump to explain the discrepancy between the initial announcement that no troops were hurt in Iran’s retaliatory bombing of the Iraqi base housing American troops, only to later learn that a total of eleven servicemembers were airlifted out of Iraq for treatment.

Trump said he did not consider the injuries “serious,” he had heard that a couple had “headaches” and a “few other things,” but he could report it was “not very serious.”

When asked if he considered possible traumatic brain injury serious, Trump said, “No,” not relative to people who have lost arms and legs to roadside bombs for which Iranians were responsible.

The news that possible traumatic brain injury doesn’t qualify as a serious injury  – especially since IEDs have caused some of the worst cases of TBI  – will come as news to the thousands of American troops still suffering immensely due to TBI. It will also come as news to the vigilant military medical staff that rushed our eleven servicemembers out of the field for more comprehensive treatment.

If the injuries were nothing more than a minor headache, I assume someone on the base had some aspirin.

Twitter didn’t take kindly to the answer:

We best get a handle on the best treatment modalities for PTSD, not just for our troops, but for the entire nation as  we recover in a post Trump world. I advocate dog therapy.

I am reminded of a line from A Fish Called Wanda: “Don’t call me stupid, apes do not read philosophy.” “Yes, they do, Otto, they just don’t understand it!”

He has access to all the information in the world, but lacks the ability to comprehend it.

That is because Vindman was – in Trump’s mind – the enemy. The uniform doesn’t matter. Trump’s entire assessment of a person is based upon whether that person’s actions help or hurt Trump. Anyone who acts to Trump’s detriment is an enemy.

In summary, Trump did not consider it a lie or misinformation to report that no troops were injured in Iran’s retaliatory attack. A couple had “headaches” and a few other things, for which they were airlifted out for treatment, and thus Trump told the truth – no injuries.

This is the president of the United States. For now.


Peace, y’all


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