Trump’s Gait Was Off Again as He Walked into Rally and Internet Speculates It’s a Neurological Issue

W try to be careful engaging the internet rumors that often fly about Trump’s behavior or posture and what the symptoms may mean from a medical perspective.

Some of the commentary out there can only be described as clueless, irresponsible, and perhaps just mean-spirited.

On the other hand, this is one of the oldest men to ever hold the office and one of the most secretive. He lives an unhealthy lifestyle, has always had drug accusations swirling around him, and has a family history that is peppered with issues.

He has earned some probing questions.

The internet is lit about Trump’s strange gait, most recently seen last night when Trump attended a rally in Wisconsin.

I mean, it looks like his right leg is swinging around?

Many people do believe that dementia is playing a role, and it would explain more than just his gait.

The rumors about a possible minor stroke taking him to Walter Reed a couple months ago always come around again during these instances.

The Walter Reed visit has never been sufficiently explained. It also comes after slurring his way through an important speech last Thursday.

Of course, the fact that some think it is dementia while others think that Trump suffered a minor stroke just reinforces the fact that we don’t know, and cannot know without a complete medical review. Not even a physician examining Trump could make a real diagnosis without seeing the medications and other substances Trump might ingest.

Regardless, this is what happens when all trust is lost, and when a man continues to do and say things that make very little sense. Throw in a family history of dementia and substance abuse, and there are real reasons for questions. Since there is near no hope for real answers, speculation is all that is left.

Setting aside all speculation, we can be sure that the only way we’re getting rid of him as president is through the impeachment process or the ballot box. The 25th Amendment won’t be a viable option, ever, unless he is truly incapacitated.


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