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Watch as Trump Totally Leaves Melania and Barron to Fend for Themselves as They Fly Off For Another Vacation

Sometimes I don’t know whether to feel badly for Melania Trump.

I mean, she’s rich, powerful, and beautiful, so that’s good (for her!).

But her relationship with her husband just seems so…sad.

Just this week, we saw Melania rip her hand away from her husband during the College Championship game in New Orleans.

The very day the Trumps arrived in Washington DC back in 2017 the very first thing Melania did was rip her hand away from her husband:

In short, she repeatedly appears to refuse to hold her husband’s hand in public. Above, she goes with the tactic of appeasing him with a one second hand hold, before letting go.

Other times she has swatted him away, like on this state trip to Tel Aviv.

And then there was the infamous hair sweep during a trip to Rome.

It appears that Melania Trump has an entire wardrobe full of special attire to prevent her husband from kissing her. Sometimes she wears heels so that he can’t reach her, other times a big hat to keep him at bay. And when all else fails, she can rely on her chiseled jaw to keep him away.

And honestly, it doesn’t seem to really bother Melania that her husband cheated on her.

When confronted by allegations of infidelity levelled against her husband, the first lady simply said that “really hard evidence was needed”. And then, the killer blow: “I have much more important things to worry about and to do.” Well, that settles it then.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that today as the Trumps left Washington DC for Mar-a-Lago, Trump just totally left Melania and son behind when he disembarked from Marine One.

Twitter was quick to add their thoughts:


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