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Bloomberg Eviscerates Don Jr. — Provides Avalanche of Evidence Proving Trump’s Repugnant Racism

If you missed it this morning, Don Jr. did his best impression of Dr. Martin Luther King defending minorities as a noble fighter for civil rights. Don Jr. acted indignant about a video of Mike Bloomberg defending “Stop and Frisk.”

Yes, Stop and Frisk was a terrible policy that hurt a lot of people. Bloomberg certainly must answer for his policy and it should be factored in as a major consideration by Democratic voters.

But you can imagine how difficult it would be to take to have a Trump lecture someone on racism. For the Bloomberg campaign’s Tim O’Brien, it wasn’t “hard to take” at all. He slammed back.

It is quite telling when the response from the Bloomberg campaign took roughly two hours to compile some video of “Trump’s Most Racist Hits” to teach the Trump campaign a lesson. Anything Trump can do with accusations, Bloomberg can do better, with a hammering impact.

Yes, that is a great start, but with so many to choose from, Tim O’Brien probably struggled to trim the overflow.

Trump’s father was a vicious racist, and there are indications that Trump is every bit as much, but realizes he can’t talk about it openly. It is worthwhile looking back to past business practices.

Trump will never live down the birther issue. Trump’s birtherism should be part of any response to Trump concerning race. Additionally, we covered the Hitler book next to Trump’s bed stand here at Flare.

Let’s take a moment to remember that Trump actually complained about a Hispanic federal judge overseeing his Trump University case one who was born in Indiana as “conflicted” because he’s a “Mexican.” The only people that Trump believes are real American citizens are white Christians.

No one can forget that, it was straight out of Michael Cohen’s mouth.

Tim O’Brian has many more in the tweet threat. I am going to finish up with one of the comments that most offended me. Trump telling a group of fully empowered sitting United States Congressman where to go:


Peace, y’all


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