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Trump and Barr Plotting DOJ-Led Revenge in Scorched Earth Policy Aimed at Vanquishing All Enemies…

The Daily Beast is reporting that Trump has privately talked with Barr about implementing revenge and vengeance against Trump’s “enemies” which will involve information provided by Rudy Giuliani. In the past, Giuliani has brought “information” that aligned with debunked conspiracy theories attested to by corrupt Ukrainian business interests aligned with Putin, which thus align with Trump.

“In my conversations with the president, he has, on more occasion than one, said that he wants to get to the bottom of the Ukraine issue in a very similar way that he’s talked about investigating the ‘Russia hoax,’” one source close to Trump told the website.

Thus, Trump is going to effectuate the “Ukrainian plan” that he intended to have president Zelensky carry out, but this one will run out of Bill Barr’s office, making the plan that much more dangerous.

The fact that this is shockingly illegal and against all ethics that previously constrained presidents and the DOJ couldn’t matter less to Trump and his stormtroopers. They will carry out his plan, and it won’t be hidden away.

Senior administration officials and Trump confidantes say the president feels emboldened after his Senate acquittal in the impeachment trial, and he has claimed complete vindication and already punished impeachment witnesses Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and EU ambassador Gordon Sondland.

Emboldened? No shit? He is going poo-flinging monkey insane, wielding a power that no president has ever possessed, not the least bit shamed or concerned that anything can touch him.

“I think he feels like the chains are off now,” said one senior administration official. “It’s like things have taken a turn. The gloves are off, and everything that used to be hush hush is now just … out in the open.”

Indeed, Trump has always believed that “out in the open” protects him because it gives the appearance that Trump believes it is well within his power, or that he is so powerful that he doesn’t care who knows, they can’t touch him. If the actions were hidden away and then discovered, it might appear that those involved knew it to be wrong. Of course, taking such actions in the open doesn’t make the plan less wrong or illegal.

This is the new normal and it is fascism.


Peace, y’all


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