Devin Nunes Sent Trump a Bizarre Valentine’s Day Card — and Even Got Lev Parnas Involved

While out nation descends into fourth world banana republic status, it is best to at least get the laughs out while we still can.

And what could be funnier, or more predictable, than the fact that Devin Nunes felt compelled to send Donald Trump a Valentines Day card?

From Rawstory:

The attorney for Lev Parnas ribbed Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) for the Valentine’s Day message his client received from the Fresno lawmaker.

Joseph Bondy posted a screenshot that Nunes reportedly sent, asking Parnas to “Wish President Trump a Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Nunes said “there is no better way for patriots like you to show your support for our great president and the first family” than by signing his “surprise” Valentine’s Day card.


Let’s pretend that I did believe that it was my patriotic duty to support our “great president and first family.” I can think one-hundred better ways to show my support.

Knowing what we know about Trump and his family, “Valentine’s Day” likely isn’t a huge “thing” for the president, and especially with respect to Trump and his wife, or the young man whom Trump often refers to as “Melania’s son.

I would think that Trump would be more pleased with a new box of golf balls with little pics of naked models on them – he’s love that.

Melania would probably love a gift certificate for more plastic surgery, perhaps a procedure which allows her to smile and look like she does care, in answer to her coat.

Their son, Barron, I will leave alone. He’s a minor.

What I”m saying is that even I can think of better ways to “support” this president (If I wanted to) than a Valentine’s card.

Additionally, Nunes needs to learn that truly romantic stuff is very private (if you know what I mean), it’s just between the two of you. When you invite the entire world to take part in your Valentine, especially when signed by a person charged with multiple felonies and awaiting trial …:

Maybe they want Lev to take part in the … I don’t want to say what was in my mind (Valentines day and all). Maybe they wanted to make Lev feel part of the party and not feel left on the outside. They want him welcome to feel “in” on the action. Lev likely is carrying around a lot of evidence. Best to have him close enough to hold him, and keep that evidence from getting out.

I will stop now.


Peace, y’all and Happy Valentines Day, I hope Lev isn’t alone today, better to be in the group. Sort of.


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