Flop Sweaty Trump Can’t Pronounce ‘Statistics’ Then Complains the Media Will Say He’s Unwell

Donald Trump is holding a rally in Colorado tonight, his second rally in as many days.

It’s all normal crazy Trump stuff thus far.

As usual, Trump attacked the news media during his rally in Colorado Springs.

Less usual: He attacked Fox News.

“Fox doesn’t treat us the way they used to,” Trump told the crowd.

While Trump praised individual Fox hosts like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, he spent a lot of time at the Colorado Springs rally attacking a Fox News segment in which a commentator criticized his debate performances back in 2016.

“I won every one of them,” Trump said in defending his debate performances.

While he used to describe Fox as his favorite news network, Trump has increasingly attacked the network in recent months – on Twitter.

It’s rare to hear him attack Fox – at length – at a rally.

“Again,” he said, “it’s not the same.”

Trump then told the crows that they shouldn’t trust polls that are showing him behind.

Trump is confident he will win re-election, though many polls show him even with – and in some cases losing to – most of his potential Democratic challengers.

Trump’s solution to that is simple.

“Don’t believe polls,” he told supporters at his rally in Colorado Springs.

At least the ones that show him trailing.

Earlier in the evening, Trump recited poll after poll that showed him winning the Republican presidential debates back in 2016.

Current polls that show him trailing in states like Colorado are to be discounted, Trump said.

“We’re leading,” he said.

Then Trump had some trouble saying the word “statistics” and admitted that he often fumbles over words and that the media will claim he is unwell.

Damn straight we will!

Because Trump isn’t well. It’s not normal to stutter and mispronounce words.

Take a look:


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