Forever Impeached (and Sweaty) Trump Calls for the Impeachment of Barack Obama

Trump kicked off a Thursday night rally by mocking Mike Bloomberg — who he called “Mini Mike” — and Sen. Amy Klobuchar for their performances at the Democratic debate on Wednesday, saying both the candidates “choked” on the stage in Las Vegas.

Then he called for the impeachment of former President Barack Obama.

“I don’t know if anyone watched last night’s debates,” Trump told the crowd in Colorado Springs. “It got very big ratings — and you know mini Mike Bloomberg didn’t do well last night.”

Trump claimed he was going to send Bloomberg a note, “saying it’s not easy what I do.”

“Mike didn’t do well, he went way down,” the president added. “Bloomberg made a fool of himself last night. He choked, he choked.”

Trump also mocked Klobuchar, a Minnesota senator, for asking former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg if he accused her of being dumb on the Las Vegas debate stage.

“She choked, she choked,” Trump said of Klobuchar before making a choking gesture.

“She said, ‘Are you accusing me of being dumb?’ Who would make a statement like that?” Trump asked.

Trump added: “That was the end of her campaign in my book. You don’t say that.”

Trump then called for the impeachment of Barack Obama…which is absolutely insane.

Then Trump tried to again take credit for the VA Choice bill, which was signed into law by Obama:

Trump then admitted that his followers are basically in a cult:


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