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Hannity Calls Trump’s Most Corrupt Domestic Action Yet an Example of ‘Draining the Swamp’

Sean Hannity is up to any challenge, even ones that even one upon which a Lee Atwater or Karl Rove would pass.

Hannity spent most of his show denigrating the Democrats and their primary in New Hampshire, describing why every result represented an obvious and massive victory for Donald Trump going forward.

He did however take the last segment to address the elephant in the room, the fact that Trump – as president – did something that sure looked corrupt, in reaching into the Justice Department procedures and seemed to tweet order the recommended sentence for Roger Stone be reduced by Bill Barr. In any administration, this is a problem, because there is no way to argue that this isn’t textbook corruption.

Indeed, Trump took the actions he did precisely because he is now unchained, a free man to roam the capitol area and impose his will.

But Sean Hannity wants you know that Trump acted to save his friend Roger Stone because Trump is tirelessly fighting the swamp, and had Trump not intervened, the swamp would – of course – have nailed another pelt to the wall. According to Crooks and Liars:

As the country faces a constitutional crisis thanks to Attorney General William Barr going full Trump puppet in the Roger Stone case, Sean Hannity is gaslighting this blatant corruption as an instance of “draining the swamp.”

I don’t understand it, either. Perhaps Hannity can explain it to you:

HANNITY: We have major breaking news from the swamp. Huge story. After federal prosecutors requested an insane nine-year sentence for Roger Stone, the DOJ has now stepped in, rightfully so. In just a few minutes, we will address the disgusting two-tier justice system and four prosecutors have resigned in just the last few hours.

First, DOJ did not “reach in” it was DOJ that provided the sentencing recommendation – per the federal sentencing guidelines – and so “DOJ” did not reach in, Trump’s friend Barr “reached in” surely after having seen a tweet about it.

Second, Sean, you rich, boomer, legacy-minded piece of ffffilth. If you wish to discuss “2-tier justice systems,” I would be happy to sit down with you and talk about how young black men do in a two-tier justice system, as compared to a slimy greaseball white boomer who is best buddies with Donald Trump.

How does Hannity know that the sentence is insane? Is it because he knows Roger Stone? Good guys who know Trump aren’t supposed to be the ones to go to jail?

Greg Sargent of the Washington Post wrote this morning* (Attached at Crooks and Liars):

This is a straight-up celebration of the fact that in intervening for Stone — who was convicted of obstructing Congress and witness tampering in connection with investigations into Russian subversion of our election — Barr is doing the president’s political bidding.

In their original recommendation of a stiff sentence for Stone, prosecutors explicitly noted he’d obstructed an investigation designed to provide a full accounting of that attack on our political system.

But now Trump is openly declaring that in interfering, Barr is helping to delegitimize that investigation entirely. In short, Barr — who has tasked prosecutor John Durham with “reviewing” the investigation’s origins — is helping Trump make the Russian attack disappear.

We here at Flare have noted as much several times today. Trump is attempting to make the entire 2016 Russian matter disappear. Ironically this is precisely the goal to which we heard testifimony by Dr. Anita Hill during the impeachment trial. Dr. Hill stated the Russian secret service’s express goal to clear Russia of all suspicions regarding 2016, likely in order to clear the road for 2020.

What better way to begin than by “erasing” everything Mueller by pardoning all who received criminal changes in 2016, and then going after Mueller, Comey and McCabe, Trump’s “enemies,” from “the other side” whom Trump is convinced committed the “real crimes.”

To finish the opinion piece off, Sean Hannity has a real gift for taking an irrefutably corrupt act and pontificating that what Trump actually did was “drain more swamp” by corruptly moving in to shorten a sentencing recommendation, a move so inconceivable to any other president that it has never once been tried – at least not openly – in the modern era.

Leave it to Hannity.


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