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Internet Reacts to Hope Hicks’ Return to WH — ‘Melania Trump Better Watch Out!’

One of Donald Trump’s most trusted aides is making a comeback.

Hope Hicks, Trump’s close adviser during the 2016 election and eventual White House communications director, has accepted a role that will put her back on Trump’s staff. After resigning from the Trump team in 2018, Hicks will soon return as a counselor to the president, the White House confirms to The New York Times.

Hicks will report to Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, and will share the same title as Kellyanne Conway, when she begins her job within the next few weeks. Hicks worked on Trump’s 2016 run and will do the same this year, a senior official told the Times. She’ll also work on projects Kushner oversees — presumably his work in the Middle East and on criminal justice reform.

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia repeatedly mentioned Hicks. She had given several hours of testimony to the House Intelligence Committee in March 2018, and resigned from the White House the next day. She testified for the House Judiciary Committee again in summer 2019. Hicks had been working as Fox’s chief communications officer since late 2018.

Hicks is known to be especially close to Trump, who reportedly refers to her as “Hopey.”

Let’s be honest, Hicks is a very pretty woman, and seems to be Donald Trump’s “type.” In fact, many often remark that she looks like a young Melania Trump.

Twitter quickly reacted:

Other people suggested that Hope Hicks might be returning to cover for Trump’s suspected dementia: