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Internet Speculates that Hope Hicks Return to the WH is Due to Trump’s ‘Declining Mental State’

Hope is back in the White House!

Nope, not that type of hope…

Former White House communications strategist Hope Hicks is returning to Trumpland, accepting a post working under presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner after nearly two years away.

“There is no one more devoted to implementing President Trump’s agenda than Hope Hicks,” Kushner said in a statement. “We are excited to have her back on the team.”

Hicks. 31, takes on an undefined role that will include working on Trump’s reelection campaign. Her title will be “counselor” to the president.

Kushner himself has an amorphous position that includes everything from politics and immigration policy to criminal justice reform and the Middle East peace.

Hicks left in early 2018 after admitting telling less-than-truthful statement about the Trump campaign’s interactions with Russians in 2016.

Since quitting her Trump job, Hicks has worked as a top communications person for Fox, the Trump-friendly media empire.

Hicks’s main qualification is her long and strong relationship with Trump. She was one of the first communications aides to join his 2016 campaign and stuck with him through thick and thin.

Trump reportedly tells aides that he feels more comfortable with Hicks than others and has regularly bemoaned her absence from the White House.

However, quite a few people believe that Hicks is back for another reason…to play babysitter to Trump’s declining mental facilities.

Andrew Laufer, a civil right attorney and frequent Trump critic, tweeted, “Was just told by one of my contacts that the actual reason why Hope Hicks is being brought back to the WH is due to Trump’s declining mental state.”

And Laufer wasn’t the only person to make that suggestion: