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Legal Scholars SHOCKED at Trump’s Tweet Referencing Himself as KING

Earlier today we addressed how Trump mistook the quote from the New York Times, all in an effort to refer to himself as “king.” Now that the tweet has had time to sink into the American net-psyche, legal scholars are striking back, and they are both aghast, and furious.

Saying something is the most sinister thing Trump ever posted sure makes a statement, given his history.

We noted earlier that Trump didn’t understand the context of the tweet, but that is beside the point. What is not beside the point is that Trump’s reading of it truly does usher in a Hobbesian world where we are but serfs to his majesty:

George Conway must always be quoted because there is no one better at reading Trump and his plans – perhaps because Conway has inside knowledge as to what is really happening.

He has always ran on unrestrained narcissism. What else does Trump have to offer? It isn’t policy analysis, it’s not heart or empathy, it’s not even global alliances – unless you count Russian subservience.

Joyce Alene is one of our favorites here, almost Nicole Wallace-level favorite, and Joyce has this read perfectly:


Actually, upon running into this one, I think we may have to rethink all the above, because it does seem to me that Trump’s desires are a little bit more “eastern” in nature:

There is certainly a Russian feel to everything Trump has done, from his first day insisting to Comey that he needed “loyalty” above all else. How naïve were we back then? Laughing at a president who believed he could demand “loyalty” among law enforcement.

He is still not over Comey. Perhaps because Comey wouldn’t bow before the king.

The legal scholars are correct, this is horrific. Ten days out of impeachment …


Peace, y’all


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