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Mike Bloomberg Trolls Trump Like NO ONE ELSE CAN With Viral SOTU Social Media Attack

He may not be the best candidate ...

Mike Bloomberg may not be the best candidate for the Democratic nomination, primarily because up to 10 minutes ago he wasn’t a Democrat. But that aside, he is the best person to troll Trump from now to the end of time.

Speaking of time. Whilst at the time when Trump was busy not shaking Nancy Pelosi’s hand, and instead listening to the poo-flinging monkeys on the right side of the House cheer “Four more years!” (something that has never been done in a State of the Union for even non-impeached presidents, or non-monkeys), Mike Bloomberg was getting it done. Trolling Donald Trump with a solid, no nonsense, no fat guy, just “F-You” tweetstorm:

The video is so solid. Admittedly, when you have enough money to make a commercial the quality of a Star Wars trailer, it is easier to be a badass.

But this does take some good people, and he’s assembled a good crew:

Kind of like kicking a guy in the … Mike went right after Trump’s weakest spot. If the country at-large ever absorbs the fact that the Trump administration IS trying to end the pre-existing condition mandate, he will lose by 10 points.

Hear that, soccer moms everywhere, but especially purple states? Your best friend who is Hispanic, or black, has been ostracized by Trump’s bigotry from the beginning, and while your husband can waive it away as unimportant, you don’t like that. So don’t rationalize it away. Bloomberg knows this bothers you, and knows you’re vitale.

Women, women, women. You are what brought us the blue wave in 2018 and if we are going to crash a wave over Trump in 2020, it will be because women led the way. Vote for Warren, Amy, whomever, but while you do, let’s all listen to Bloomberg’s message.

Speaking of women, the gun lobby is one of the most vile organizations on the planet, and women – especially, realize it.

The big fimale:

Out of control, lawless, yes. But it is the “angry” thing that is going to be the meme going forward, it must be central.

If everything is so great, then why is he always angry? He IS always angry. I personally suspect it is because he lives every day knowing that he is six hours away from disclosure of something horrific that will get him sent out of the White House, something so shocking that near no one can “cover it.” I am not saying it will all come out, indeed, I’m less convinced.

But it does explain Trump’s anger, and the anger belies something unseen. Women are especially aware that it’s a sign, having to make an active effort to avoid it much of their lives. Men are far more willing to associate it with “owning the libs.”

Mike may be the last guy in my primary line-up. But he is awfully good at this game. I am glad to have him on our side, and glad that he’s going to support “our side” no matter who wins.


Peace, y’all


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Oh, and hey! Want to compare to a Star Wars trailer? Here you go, don’t say I never give you guys anything!




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